Medical Innovation Xccelerator (MIX)

Accelerating drug development using advanced tissue models

The development of new drugs is an expensive, lengthy, and risky process. Occasionally, resources are wasted on drug candidates that eventually turn out to have an undesirable kidney pharmacology and/or toxicology. We therefore offer contract research services based on whole kidney perfusion and precision-cut kidney slices to help biotech and pharma companies select the most promising drug candidates during early stages of development.

Why choose our services?

Fast-track your research

In pharmaceutical research, every day counts. Use our research services to find out sooner which drug candidates are most promising for clinical development.

Save development costs

Avoid large capital expenditures during the clinical development of drug candidates that eventually turn out to be harmful or ineffective in the kidneys.

Consult with scientific experts

Combined, we have decades of experience with respect to organ perfusion, tissue models, and fibrosis research. We are happy to share our expertise with you!